Tips for success

Booking the Sisters of the Holy Rock to help you fundraise is a great start. Now you need to secure a venue, and print tickets and posters. Let the community know when and what the cause is and most importantly, sell lots of tickets.

The Sisters of the Holy Rock put on an amazing show. To have a successful fundraiser you need to have as many people as possible pre-selling tickets.

Ticket Sellers

Your ticket sellers need to ask friends, family, acquaintances, neighbours, co-workers and anyone else they meet. They need to give them information about the show, encourage them to come and bring others. They should use the phone, talk to people in person and send e-mails to individual people. Follow up on all contacts is important.

Give everyone in the organization a block of tickets (10 or more) and expect them to sell these and come back for more.

Have one person in charge of ticket distribution. Keep track of who has which tickets and get additional tickets out as needed. Make sure all the sellers have this person’s phone number and email so that they are easily reached for more tickets.

Promoting the Show

Develop an imaginative way to promote the show and sell tickets.

Special recognition of the top ticket sellers can add some competition and encourage more sales.

Seniors love our shows. Contact your local seniors centre and assisted living facilities. Often they have a program leader who might help in getting a group to attend.

One group got a radio show involved to promote the event and had a draw for a limousine ride to the show. This involved keeping names of ticket purchasers, but sure filled the hall.

Public Service announcements can be submitted to Radio, TV, Newspapers free of charge, they often require a few weeks notice so plan ahead.

Call the local newspaper about doing a feature on your charity in which you talk about the upcoming show.


Many groups have slightly lower prices for presales than the cost at the door. This encourages folks to buy ahead.

Print at least 20% more tickets than the capacity of the venue. This will allow extras to cover those not sold by your ticket sellers or folks that buy tickets to help but have no intention to attend. (It is helpful to have ticket sellers keep track of those that do not plan to attend so that you can still fill the venue)

Number the tickets – so that you can keep track of the tickets given to each seller (this can be done by the printer or by hand on the back of the tickets)

Keep a master list of which ticket numbers each seller has and how many they sell.

At the Door

Have additional tickets available. The volunteers at the door will need a container for cash, and tickets. Often ticket sellers will be unable to deliver tickets and will have them picked up at the door. Having the tickets in an envelope with purchasers name reduces confusion.


Print a number of posters and get everyone to put them up at churches, restaurants and any where else that folks gather. Posters will help raise awareness, but they do not sell tickets.

Templates are available here. Just fill in the information and take it to your local printer or use them as a sample to design your own poster.


The bigger the venue the more funds you can raise. Each community has different venues available. More information on venues in Winnipeg is available by contacting Carole Stone.

Raffle or Silent Auction

Raise more funds by having a raffle or silent auction. Keep a silent auction small so that the drawing of the tickets (which can be done after the show) is not too long. What about a bake sale?


Contact local businesses about covering some of your costs and acknowledge their gifts with a large sign near the entrance.

Food and Drinks

Selling drinks and snacks is another way to increase your fundraising. Check with the venue as to what is allowed.


Please feel free to call with questions or concerns.    Contact Sister Laine at