Heart and Stroke Big Bike Ride

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  1. Geoffrey says:

    Love the music. Love the humor. And, most of all, love the concept; friendly Manitobans getting together to have some fun and raise a little $ for a worthy cause. Hope the sisters continue to rock for another 30 years (and wish I could be here to see it. 😉)


  2. Norma Keyser says:

    Very enjoyable evening last night May 6/23

    Bravo to the sisters your show was fabulous!

    Thankyou for a great time.


  3. Robert Charles Murdoch says:

    I am a Roadie for this awesome group. I’ve seen many of their performance’s. But every show makes me smile and to be a part of the team is so positive. The world needs more Sisters of the Holy Rock!


  4. Carol says:

    A very enjoyable evening. Lots of laughs, toe tapping and chair dancing. Will definitely see it again!


  5. joan douglas says:

    Last evening I was at the ‘ sisters of the holy rock ‘ show; – I had seen them once before, pre- covid. They are a large group of women and a handful of men, who obviously love what they’re doing; – they put their hearts and souls into the whole performance.
    Their program has a variety of well-known songs, interspersed with humour. My favourite part of the evening was a beautiful rendition of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Allelujah’.
    The singing, the enthusiasm, and the laughter made for a really fun evening. Well worth the trip! Joan Douglas


    1. Your words are very Kind and one of the main reasons we do these shows. Our Founder Carole Stone was inspirational in many, many ways. Thank you.


  6. Roberta says:

    You’re back! I attended the show tonight and the material was fabulous. There were minor glitches on positioning, but I’m sure that will soon be ironed out with a couple more shows post hiatus. Keep up the great work!


  7. Margit K says:

    GREAT entertainment, fun and talent. So well worth seeing this show. Thank you for all you do.


    1. Our first show in almost 3 years. I think we were more excited than ever.
      “Keep smiling all – it will only bring you more Joy!”


  8. Cliff says:

    Great show on Nov.16. Well balanced with skits, featured dress up singers. Hillarious and sometimes serious. A wonderful laugh-packed evening. Thank you!

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  9. Sandi says:

    I had never heard you preform until tonite. At the Kilconaa park alliance fund raiser for our refugees.
    I have never laughed so much in a very long time.

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  10. Robert C. Murdoch says:

    This Choir and their purpose is a made in Manitoba success story more need to know about and enjoy! 100% Volunteers, raising funds for good causes and providing top quality entertainment. You owe it to yourself to see what they do for our Communities.

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  11. Gary & Lorna says:

    We saw the October 6th performance at the Seven Oaks Performance Center thoroughly enjoyed the evening. The cast was great and very entertaining. The four of us had never seen the Sisters before but bought tickets on the recommendation of a friend and were delighted with the night. The songs were great and the humour was refreshing and funny. Great entertainment and we would highly recommend them.

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  12. Norma says:

    Where can you go to meet Willie Nelson, and Julio Inglesis all on one stage..( ok..maybe a dupe of them)…well…sitting in the audience of the entertaining and funny Sisters Of the HolyRock, that’s where.
    . Are any of them Aretha Franklin? No. But they sing their hearts out and try to put on the best show they can. It’s a time capsule of songs you just might find yourself clapping and singing to.. ( They even have a few hits from the 40’s thru to 2000. ) it’s a fun nite that doesn’t use dark humour to get laughs. I don’t think you’ll be sorry you went.

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  13. Saw you in Stonewall last night and loved your show!!! You were such fun!! Thank you for this joyful performance and for raising all those funds to help people in need.

    Carolynn’s iPhone
    “Be the change you wish to see in this world”

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  14. ARLEEN Harry PLUCHINSKI says:

    The Sisters were in Whitemouth Oct 20th, i tell ya, it is such a great laugh, and the music is fantastic. They harmonize so well together, a wonderful afternoon of entertainment, and never a disappointment. If you have the opportunity to see them take it, a show so well put together. Good job everyone. Wonderful entertainment


  15. Susan says:

    The Sisters of the Holy Rock are dazzling! I was thoroughly entertained; my cheeks hurt from smiling the whole time. The show had just the right combination of singing and humour to keep everyone engaged. My hat’s off to the performers and crew for providing a quality production while helping worthy organizations raise funds.


  16. Melissa Douglas says:

    This was my first time seeing your show and it was even better than I expected! The mix of songs and humour really blended well and the fundraising your group has accomplished is quite impressive. I would definitely go again!


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