The Sisters of the Holy Rock were formed in the fall of 1992  with 24 members.   Under the capable and dedicated direction of the “Reverend Mother” Roberta McLean, we have expanded our membership, repertoire and performances. Although we constantly update our show, the idea is still the same. We help you raise funds for your group or organization while entertaining you and uplifting your spirits at the same time.

The Sisters of the Holy Rock have been described as “Talented and teasing, serious and silly, faithful and frolicking, holy and hilarious”!

Since our debut we have:

* performed over 500 concerts entertaining more than 200,000 people.

* assisted numerous organizations in raising a total in excess of $3 million.

Our group performs for 6 months of the year (March to May and September to November) with a large repertoire. Loaded with harmony, rhythm, choreography, humor and abounding energy, these crowd-pleasing performances cross all generation – from children to seniors. The spirit of the “Sisters” joyful energy and uplifting harmony is contagious to our audiences.

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