The Sisters of the Holy Rock can help you raise funds for your organization or cause. We will provide the entertainment plus sound equipment and risers. You will need to provide the venue and the audience.

How much you raise will be determined by the size of the venue, how many tickets you can sell and the price you charge per ticket. We require a portion of ticket sales to cover our costs.

To get started you need to go to our “Contact” page.


Where can you hold your fundraiser?

The hall should be large enough to hold at least 200 people seated and have a raised flat stage area with these MINIMUM dimensions: height: 8 inches, depth: 16 feet, width: 32 feet

The venue will also need good access to the stage area so we can get our equipment in and out easily.

Dressing areas – change rooms 1 large or 2 medium rooms for 45 women, and 1 room for 15 men are required.

We have a list of possible venues for the Winnipeg area, if you need assistance.